How to Roll a Cigar

12.07.23 06:28 PM Comment(s) By Robert Menaker

Rolling a cigar takers practice, patience and skill.

Get all the supplies necessary. You want high quality tobacco for the filler, binder

and wrapper. The filler gives most of the flavor for the cigar. The binder holds

the tobacco for the filler together and the wrapper will accent the flavor of the

binder. You will also need some vegetable glue.

Choose your tobacco accordingly by flavor, strength and aroma. Moisten the

tobacco to make it pliable. Take a spray bottle and spray it on your hands. Put

the tobacco on a towel and spray the water on your hands. Gently wipe the

tobacco. Do not soak it.

To create the binder, you need to remove the center vein. Put the leaf on a

cutting board. Cut the leaf to the size of the desired cigar (robusto, toro,

Churchill). Make sure to cut away any rough edges. Place the filler leaves on the

binder leaf and roll the cigar into the shape you want. Then you will need to put

this into a mold and under pressure for several hours.

Once the proper time has past, remove the cigar from the mold. Choose a high

quality wrapper. Moisten the wrapper. Place the wrapper on the cutting board

and put the cigar on top of the wrapper. Roll the wrapper around the cigar.

Make sure that there isn’t any lose spots on the cigar. You will than use the

vegetable glue to finish off the tip.

Place your finished cigar into a humidor for at least several days. You want all of

the tobaccos to meld together for the best flavor.

After the proper resting period, which is by personal preference, light your cigar

up and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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