Cigar Pairings: Explore the world of cigar and beverage pairings.

24.07.23 11:55 PM Comment(s) By Robert Menaker

Cigar and beverage pairings can increase the smoking experience by complimenting flavors

and creating a more enjoyable outcome. Choosing a cigar and a beverage is a personal

preference. It could depend on the time of day, temperature, type of activity and alcoholic or

non-alcoholic beverage.

I enjoy a morning cigar with a cup of coffee while reading a newspaper while on vacation. You

could add a liquor to the coffee if you want to spice it up. A bloody Mary is another option. My

choice of cigar is more on the mild side because it is the beginning of the day. Sometimes I

smoke a cigarillo (a shorter cigar).

A little later in the day on the golf course you can enjoy a cigar with a beer. The beer can be

refreshing with a mild or medium cigar. If you prefer a dark beer than you might want to pair it

with a Nicaraguan tobacco cigar which can be a fuller combination. A non-alcoholic choice of

beverage can be lemonade or ice tea.

During cocktail hour there are more beverage options. You could be complimenting your cigar

with a glass of wine. Depending on the type of wine (dry, sweat or fruiting) can determine the

type of cigar you smoke. A smooth Dominican tobacco robusto might fill the bill.

Should you be drinking scotch, bourbon or whiskey a maduro cigar will match each other’s

strengths. Rum and coke are another good option.

If you are drinking water, soda or another non-alcoholic beverage, your choice of a cigar is wide

open. Your beverage will not over power the taste and flavor of the cigar.

An after-dinner drink and cigar can get interesting. Of course, you have the option of coffee, a

dessert wine or after dinner drink such as Bailey’s. This can be the time for your favorite cigar.

A nice Connecticut wrapper cigar with your choice of filler(Honduras, Dominican or Nicaraguan).

This is a pairing that you would want to take your time smoking and drinking.

The pairing choices are very personal. Time of day, activities that a person is doing can matter.

Experiment with different options. These should be relaxing and enjoyable times.

Pour it. Light it. Say ah as you sit back.
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