A Maxum Cigar for Every Part of the Day

21.09.23 04:53 PM Comment(s) By Robert Menaker

Maxum Cigars (MC) offers a good selection of cigars for any time of the day. We offer cigarillos,

robustos, toros, torpedoes and Churchills. We have mild, mild to medium and medium cigars.

We have both Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan tobacco cigars.

In the morning with coffee and the newspaper I enjoy a Nicaraguan cigarillo made by Oliva

Cigars or a freshly hand rolled cigar made up with a Dominican filler and a Sumatra wrapper.

The time I have to smoke the cigar could determine the cigar I chose. The cigarillo is smaller.

They both have great taste and starts my day off great.

After lunch, I would choose a robusto. My choices could be a Connecticut wrapper with a 100%

Cuban feed filler grown in the Dominican Republic. Depending what I smoked in the morning, if

I didn’t smoke the cigarillo, I would chose an Indonesian wrapper with a Nicaraguan filler made

by CAO. The cigars have great taste. The Connecticut wrapper cigar is mild to medium. The

Indonesian wrapper is more medium. Either one would get the afternoon off on the right note.

With a cocktail my choice would be either a Maduro torpedo with 100% Cuban filler which is

medium or a Connecticut wrapper with a Dominican filler torpedo which is a little more mild.

They are both smooth. The Maduro torpedo dollar for dollar will be the best cigar you could smoke.

As the evening is approaching after dinner I would go with the cigarillo. It’s a short cigar with
great flavor and it always puts a smile on my face when I smoke it.

At Maxum Cigars we have great choices of cigars. We have something for every part of the day.

Please check out or website: www.MaxumCigars.com and go to our online store. We ship in two days.

Maxum Cigars, “For a Smokin’ Good Time.

Lite ‘em up.
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