Planning an Event with Cigars

27.04.23 09:15 PM Comment(s) By Robert Menaker

There are a few things to take into account when you are planning any event with a cigar roller or a cigar bar.

You need to have an approximate head count so you can determine how many cigars to have at your event.  One thought process is that people who smoke cigars usually like more than one cigar and people who don’t smoke might want a cigar.

If you are having 100 guests at your event, I would recommend 80 cigars.  Depending who you are hiring to roll cigars at your event, I always bring extra cigars incase you go slightly over.  I do not charge extra for a few cigars over what you ordered.

The type of cigars that you offer your guests matter as well.  Most of your guests are occasional smokers.  I usually supply mild, mild to medium and medium cigars.  Someone who smokes a strong cigar will smoke a medium cigar.  Someone who smokes a mild to medium cigar will not smoke a strong cigar.

It is also important to offer a variety of blends of tobacco to give your guests choices.

Then the question is when do offer your guests cigars.  It depends on the type of event you are having.  If you are hosting a golf outing usually you would offer cigars during registration.  Many golphers like to smoke on the course.  There are times when that cigars can be served at the cocktail hour as well.

At a wedding, there is a small percentage of the time that cigars are offered at the cocktail hour.  Most of the time it is offered after the main course has been served.

There are certain events that cigars are handed out at the event is ending.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer.  It depends on what works best for the host.

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